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Words of Wisdom from a Grandma raising her Grandson

The following words are from a grandmother who is raising her daughter's son. With her permission, I am sharing her thoughts.

1) I have accepted that I am not my daughter and she is NOT me;

2) Compassion is NOT a weakness, nor is harshness a strength;

3) My grandson has enough love to go around and it’s ok if Mom is still #1 with him;

4) Life is like a stair case. Remember...While each one of us might be on a different step and climb at different speeds, it is always harder to climb up than to go down and crutches make the climb that much harder;

5) I am in the situation I am in because I am responsible and caring not because I am a victim;

6) The only one without a choice is my grandson;

7) Drama fuels the emotional rollercoaster so avoid it as much as possible;

8) When dealing with the court’s and social services, the best approach is to identify the problem and ask how you can help Mom resolve an issue rather than be accusatory;

9) I choose to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem; and finally

10) I see myself as a beacon of light, love, and hope in what otherwise might be a very dark world for my grandson.

Posted by Karen Best Wright, B.S., M.A. Health Educator | Permalink

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