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Rosie's Story Part 1

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Rosie’s Story

Hello everybody. My name is Rosie. I came to live in Pennsylvania on my birthday on an October morning in 2015. The first people I met were my mom and my grandma. Grandpa came to see me and welcome me to the family. My daddy only came to see me for a few minutes and then left. I have never seen him again.

After a few days I went home with my mommy and stayed at my grandma’s house. Everything was so new and exciting to me. I had Thanksgiving and Christmas with my mom, grandma, and grandpa. Mommy took me all over to meet her friends. Grandma and grandpa would watch me when she went to work.

Then one day a new person came to live with us. Mommy wanted me to call him daddy, but I didn’t know him. Mommy married this man and then we all moved away. I met lots of new people, went to new places and heard lots of new voices. Many of them were loud. I didn’t like that. I would wake up with people watching me that I didn’t know. That was scary. I was happy when I was with Mommy, but she was not there very much. I was very scared. Mommy couldn’t give me everything I needed. I cried a lot and was being put to sleep in scary places. I cried a lot because I didn’t always get enough to eat. Where were my grandma and grandpa? I missed them so much.

It was hard for me to learn to walk. My muscles weren’t growing, and I was sick a lot of time. One day my Mommy took me to the Doctor, and he saw I was really, really tiny. I think he made some phone calls because he was worried about me. Then new people started to come to my house. The voices got angrier. I think it was because of the new people, but I liked these people. They were kind and they seemed to like me.

One day my Mommy came home crying. I did not know why. I heard people yelling about a judge and me leaving. Then mommy drove me downtown. I was so surprised to see my grandma and grandpa. The last time I saw them was a year ago. I left with Grandma and Grandpa. I slept in grandma‘s arms that night with a full tummy. She held me every night. I loved playing at her house. She had people come to see me every week. They helped me learn how to talk and walk. I was getting stronger, but I was still tiny. There was always food at grandma’s house. I missed my Mommy, but I didn’t miss all the scary things. She used to call but then stopped one day. She never sent me cards or toys.

Grandma is now my mommy. Grandpa has gone to Heaven to get wings. I get to play every day with my mommy. She always comes when I call her. I love going to school and I like the doctors I have. I love to cook, and I also have a dog and friends I can play with. I am so happy I got to go live with my grandma. She is the best Mom!

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