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Rosie’s Story Part 2

Rosie sleeps so sweetly. That first year of holding her every night, loving her through night terrors, is a memory I hope she never recalls.

She eats well, and takes such joy in going to Early Intervention classes. I can’t stop smiling as I listen to her try new words. Potty training is almost there after 5 years. Nights and accidents are still a struggle. Watching her in a playground is so freeing. I can remember how she struggled to just stand on those tiny muscles when I first got her. She wants to consume every moment of joy a child can find. Yet I know this innocent little girl struggles to be going on 5, so sweet, polite and engaging, but developmentally stuck.

I was overwhelmed when Rosie came to live with me. I had to appeal to the courts for legal custody and I had to advocate for her relentlessly or she could have easily died where she was. Since I am an informal kinship caregiver, I have to do nearly all the legwork myself to find resources for Rosie. Due to my tenacity, I am still discovering the services available to her, but it can be a struggle breaking through the layers of bureaucracy.

Would I do this all again? In a heartbeat! I will always choose to fight for my granddaughter.

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