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Alex Maasdam

"Hi my name is Alex Maasdam.  I am a Kinship Navigator and an aspiring Christian counsel with eight years of experience working to help serve, counselor, educate, and strengthen families, including five years of leading bilingual outreach initiatives among Spanish-speaking/Latino communities.  Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, and I have lived, worked, explored, and studied in nearly a dozen Latino countries.  In addition to my passion for Latino cultures and communities, in my spare time I enjoy nature photography, musical performance, competing in triathlons, and most importantly prioritizing quality time with my wife."

Tracy Wilkerson

"My name is Tracy Wilkerson. I'm a Kinship Navigator with years of working with families. I am currently working on my Masters in school counseling, I have a passion for children and teenagers and will be working with them directly once I finish my program. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my granddaughters and niece.”

Pennsylvania KinConnector is a FREE and Confidential Resource Providing Empathy, Assistance, and Referral Services to Kinship Caregivers and their Families, as well as Childcare and Community Providers.

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